Updated 16-08-2021 - Nicki Saunders

Car check history

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle, or if you’re looking at a particular vehicle to buy, it’s always good to do some research first so that you’re not blindsided by any hidden damages or clever repair work.

Luckily, you can get all your information for free right here in a quick and reliable fashion. All you need to do is enter the registration number, and you will get a comprehensive free car history report, direct from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). This clever tool will quickly show you the vehicle history, whether or not it has ever been reported as stolen, has been written off, or has outstanding finance.

What is included within the free car check?

  1. Vehicle details
  2. Engine size in cc 
  3. Fuel type 
  4. Vehicle type approval category 
  5. Vehicle weight 
  6. Manufacturer year (excluding imported vans, cars and motorcycles) 
  7. ULEZ Checker (Ultra Low Emission Zone)
  8. Vehicle road tax including CO2 output, road tax costes/rates, expiry date
  9. Date it was first registered in the UK 
  10. MOT history 
  11. Issue date of the V5C registration document 
  12. CO2 driving emissions levels

There are several things that you need to be aware of when it comes to owning a vehicle. First and foremost, you will need to have a Great Britain issued licence (full or provisional for learners). If your licence was from somewhere else, check here to see if your licence will allow you to drive the great streets of Britain. 

You must have at least 3rd party motor insurance on your vehicle, which has been a legal requirement since the Road Traffic Act 1930, so this is not brand new information. Insurance provides the financial protection that can cover yourself, passengers, pedestrians and other vehicles if you end up in an accident. You can check your insurance status here.

You must have a current Vehicle Tax, which you can learn more about here if you are unfamiliar with it. You will need to have a new log book under your name (V5C), or a V11 reminder to tax your vehicle. Be careful when purchasing a car or selling yours on, as the tax is not transferable! You can check your tax expiry and how many days you have left here

Your car will need a valid MOT, which tests that the vehicle meets the road safety and environmental and safety standards. You can check a vehicles current MOT here, and also see the history of the vehicle, which is extremely handy if you are looking at purchasing a new car!