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50+ checks are done including:
-Stolen check (Police & insurance)
-Written off vehicle check
-Outstanding Finance check
-MOT history records
-All plate changes

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Our Gold Check is provided with a £30,000 data guarantee. So, you're in safe hands. Get total peace of mind. We've got you covered, every time you check a vehicle.

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A number plate check is typically used by customers who are shopping for a new car in the used marketplace. Running the car’s number plate can tell you a variety of critical information that may help you to make an informed purchase decision. You may also use a number plate check if you want to find out information about a vehicle for other reasons, such as if your child is travelling in an unfamiliar vehicle and you want to make sure that it’s safe, or if you notice a car scratch your vehicle in a parking lot and you wish to contact the owner. As long as you have the registration mark you can quickly and easily retrieve information about any UK-registered vehicle with a simple car registration check.

What Is a Number Plate Check?

A number plate check is similar to a VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, check. A number plate check may also be called license plate lookup, vehicle registration mark check, or car plate report. We offer an instant car check, while some other companies may take hours, days, or even weeks to gather the same amount of information. You provide the registration mark number, or license plate number, of a UK-registered vehicle and we provide you with detailed information about the vehicle. You can do a car data check with the number plates for a car, van, or motorbike. You can learn a variety of information with a number plate check. You can use the free number plate check to get a high-quality report that will include basic information about the vehicle, such as:

  • MOT
  • Tax
  • Performance data
  • Vehicle valuation

You can also choose to upgrade to a premium report if you need additional information.

How To Do A Car Number Plate Check Online

If you’re in the process of buying a used car, all you need to do is enter the registration plate number in the search field to get a completely free basic report. A free check may be all you need to find out the information on your vehicle. Or, you can choose to upgrade to a comprehensive premium vehicle history report for only £9.95 to view additional car data. It takes just a few seconds to receive your report and you can get a report for as many vehicles as you wish. The report is easy to read and understand, with an alert at the top for adverse items so you won’t risk missing them.

Why You Should Use a Service To Look Up a License Plate

Additional Information

While you may be able to look up a vehicle’s license plate on your own at, our free report may show you additional information as well as make it easier to understand. In addition, when you purchase a premium report for £9.95, you will have access to information that you can’t obtain by yourself. We offer the lowest rate in the UK to give you peace of mind, and we back efforts to make more auto information free for consumers so that we can pass on as much free information in our free car check as possible. When you need to know additional information, a comprehensive vehicle history check can tell you a multitude of things you may want to know about a particular car, including whether it was stolen, if it has outstanding finance, and if it has suffered previous damages that are not being advertised.

Data Guarantee

Our data is backed by a $30,000 guarantee so you can trust that the information in your report is accurate. 

1 in 4 Cars Has a Hidden History

One out of every four vehicles checked has an adverse item in their history that is not being advertised. Don’t take a risk – when you decide to look up a license plate, make sure you’re getting all of the information from an accurate source. Whether you’re purchasing a car or looking up vehicle information for another purpose, getting an instant license plate check can save you time and money. 

The Data We Provide is Guaranteed From Trusted Sources

We like to be as transparent as possible about where we source our information. We only pull data from reputable sources and industry authorities to ensure that the data in your report is accurate and complete. Our information comes from the government, insurance companies, service stations, and more. Our data is backed by a $30,000 guarantee. We may source our data from multiple sources including:

  • The DVLA database
  • VOSA
  • The Police National Computer
  • The Motor Insurer’s BureauThe Experian PLC

Other competitors may pull data from unreliable sources, giving you inaccurate or incomplete information on a vehicle that can lead to costly mistakes.

License Plate Lookup – When to Use It

When do consumers perform a number plate check? People look up license plates for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • When you are preparing to buy a car and want to see the vehicle history before making your purchase. An instant report can tell you the hidden history of a vehicle and uncover things that the owner may not be telling you. Each time you purchase a car, you should check the number plate online.
  • If you witness someone hit your car in a parking lot leaving your vehicle with a scratch, scuff, or dent. If you can copy down their vehicle registration number, you can look up the number in order to contact them without going to the police.
  • When you want to look up a vehicle for safety reasons, such as if a child or relative is riding in a car and you want to find out additional information.

What Is Included When You Upgrade To a Premium Car Check

When you upgrade to the premium report, you will have access to additional vehicle data such as:

Extensive MOT History

The MOT history of a vehicle will tell you the date of previous MOT check-ups, the expected date for the next MOT check-up, who performed previous inspections, and if repairs were required and if they were successful. You can also see mileage history and determine if there are parts of the car that may have problems as you can see details of the MOT test.

Previous Crashes, Damage, and Insurance Write-offs

WIth a premium report, you can view prior collisions, assess the severity of the damage, and see if the car was written off by the insurance company. An insurance company will assign categories to vehicles that have incurred damage. These categories will tell you if the vehicle was categorized as scrapped and not to be sold or if it may have undergone damage that will be costly to repair. Some cars may have been involved in an accident or collision that did not cause severe structural damage but just caused minor damage to the exterior of the vehicle. Collision history, damage, and write-off status are critical to be aware of when purchasing a used vehicle as they will affect the valuation of the car.

Taxes/ VED

A premium report can show you how much tax you should expect to pay on a vehicle after purchase. You can learn if the vehicle is up to date on vehicle tax or if it has been registered as SORN.

Stolen Status

If you purchase a stolen car unknowingly, the car can be repossessed. Typically the car will be returned to its rightful owner or it may be held by the police. We check police databases such as the Police National Computer as well as insurance company databases to uncover the stolen status of a vehicle. You should never purchase a stolen vehicle as if the vehicle is repossessed, you will likely not be compensated by the seller or your insurance policy.

Outstanding Finance Status

The financial status of a vehicle is crucial when conducting a purchase of a used car. If the prior owners still owe money on the vehicle, they have “outstanding finance.” This means that they cannot legally sell you the car until the finances are settled. If you purchase a car with outstanding finance status, it can be repossessed by the finance company.

Import/ Export History

Finding out whether a vehicle was imported into the UK is important as imported vehicles may carry heightened risk and it may affect your purchase decision. Import/ export history is not always publicly available or made transparent by the owner.

Used cars can end up costing you more money than you bargained for if you don’t find out all the details. A comprehensive premium car history report is only £9.95. This is the lowest price in the UK for detailed vehicle data and less than half the price of other license plate check services. Don’t risk your time or money by purchasing a vehicle without obtaining a report. All you need to do is enter the plate number and find out in seconds all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Yes, checking a vehicle’s history by using the vehicle registration number is a legal, common practice that protects citizens and consumers by allowing them to determine if a vehicle has a hidden history. Number plate checks lower incidences of auto theft and fraud.

There are many companies that offer free car checks, however, be aware that many companies charge for information that should be free or falsely advertise certain information as free when you will, in fact, have to pay for it. We offer detailed, data-guaranteed reports. We offer a high-quality free report as well as the lowest rate in the UK for a comprehensive report. At a flat rate of £9.95, you receive all of the necessary information on any vehicle, without paying extra for each check individually.

While you can perform a number plate check on your own, you may not find all of the information you need in one place. With our free instant report, you can obtain information from multiple sources directly to your phone, computer, or tablet. If you need more information you can simply upgrade to premium, and be confident that all of the easy-to-read data is backed by a $30,000 guarantee. When pursuing the information on your own it may take days or even weeks to contact all of the different sources. Why waste time? Get your free report today.

By running the license plate number through our system you can obtain a free basic report that includes MOT, tax, performance data, and vehicle valuation information. You do not need to pay for the free basic report. We provide this at no charge and all you need is the vehicle registration number found on the license plate or registration plate of the car. If you decide you need additional information, you can purchase the complete car history check. This includes comprehensive vehicle information for a flat rate of only £9.95, unlike other companies that have you pay for each check separately.

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