Number Plate Check

What is checked?

50+ checks are done including:
-Stolen check (Police & insurance)
-Written off vehicle check
-Outstanding Finance check
-MOT history records
-All plate changes

£30,000 Data Guarantee

Our Gold Check is provided with a £30,000 data guarantee. So, you're in safe hands. Get total peace of mind. We've got you covered, every time you check a vehicle.

We are highly rated!

Over 6,000+ ratings across all review platforms. With a 5 star satisfactory rating. Rest assured the service you're getting with us will be second to none.

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It’s the best

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– John D.
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“So quick and easy, thank you so much!”

Melissa S.

Why you should check your number plate

At Car Check Experts, we advise you to always check your number plate by inputting your registration number in the search bar. It can be done on any car free of charge helping you to find the right car for you.

It is important to check your number plate history before you purchase a used vehicle because there are a few reasons why this could be an underlying problem. It could be for a harmless reason like wanting to personalise your vehicle, or potentially be a way of hiding criminal activity. So it’s important that you check to avoid any problems in the future.

Number Plates in Vehicle Fraud

If you discover that the number plate of a car you are looking to buy has been changed a bunch of times, then be warned! This can be a sign of a criminal past, and without the proper information you could end up in trouble. Make sure that you ask lots of questions to the seller to consolidate the car’s past. 

Vehicle fraud comes in lots of different forms. By being vigilant and aware of scams will help you out a long way. Scammers will prey on the unknowing and try to sell you the vehicle at hard to believe prices in little to no time to think about the possible dangers. 

Before buying, always remember to check your vehicles number plate to avoid underlying problems in the future.

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