Bike Check

What is checked?

50+ checks are done including:
-Stolen check (Police & insurance)
-Written off vehicle check
-Outstanding Finance check
-MOT history records
-All plate changes

£30,000 Data Guarantee

Our Gold Check is provided with a £30,000 data guarantee. So, you're in safe hands. Get total peace of mind. We've got you covered, every time you check a vehicle.

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Motorbike check

Purchasing a new motorbike can be a very exciting event! Whether it is your first bike, or if you are upgrading, the most important factor remains the same – Is this a safe motorbike? We all know the extra risks that come along with riding a motorbike, as opposed to being in a car. You are much more exposed, there is less protection, and your visibility to other drivers is lessened. However, if you are a safe driver, it is a very convenient method of transportation. Much like cars however, it is so important to know the history of the motorbike, prior to making a purchase.

We get all our information from the DVLA, so you can have peace of mind, knowing that we can access all of the information that your motorbike was listed as when it was first registered. If you require any further insurance information outside of our initial reports, you can easily do this easily.

What does the motorbike check include?

  • Make and model
  • DVLA registration details

Data checks for any vehicle